About us


Be recognized as a partner of choice for businesses, a catalyst for growth.


Guided by a vision of shared success, we are committed to driving growth towards our partners' full potential. We believe in understanding their reality to recommend optimizations to their business or technological processes, while maintaining an enlightened, human and dynamic approach.

Our values


The involvement of all the company's actors is essential to the success of any change. Because people are at the heart of today's business, we listen carefully to the challenges that change can bring to current ways of doing things. Our solutions are at the peoples's service, not the other way around.


Preconceived ideas are an obstacle to the development of innovative and efficient solutions. That's why we opt for an approach that allows us to think differently. The solutions we create are often unique, hence our 1-solution.


The definition of integrity is : "the state of being whole". This defines our way of doing things. It's our duty to do as we say, boots follow lips!


We're constantly striving for improvement : the acquisition of new knowledge, new ways of doing things and the exploration of new trends are part of our DNA.

Our team

Antoine Theriault-Richer

President of the company. He has over 10 years' experience in technology. A man for all challenges.

Bruno Laporte

Vice-President. Considers the human side of things most important, listening to what people say or don't say is his specialty, in addition to being a seasoned developer.

Olivier Poupier

Developer-analyst. Immersed in programming since childhood, he can always be counted on to share how he sees it or technological advice.

Jean-Christophe Viau

Developer-analyst. A true Swiss Army knife of development, Jean-Christophe stands out for his perseverance and resourcefulness.

Simon Pepin

Information Technology Engineer. A happy marriage between his analytical skills and his warm-hearted approach.